The style of language in news discourse A case study of IRINN’s “News 20” program

Ardeshir Zaboli Zadeh , Payman kifarokhi, Ramin Golshaii   Page ۵


This study examines the consistency of the language style of IRINN’s twenty o’clock program “news 20” within the framework of audience design theory. According to the audience design theory، the speaker selects a language style that suits its audience، which is an important factor for news media to attract and keep their audience. In evaluating the language style of “news 20″، three dimensions of phonetic/lexical linguistics، lexicalization and active/passive structures were considered and consistency of the style of the program was evaluated within each of these language dimensions. In doing this “news 20” program was recorded on September 10، ۲۰۱۲ and the presenter’s speech in two sections of “studio” and “sayeh roushan” was converted into text. The text then analyzed based on 15 news fields. The result of analyzing data shows that phonetic form of the words in “news 20” program is conversational and non formal but other features including lexicalization and active/passive structures are more inclined towards formal style.

Keywords: language style, audience design, conformity, news discourse

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