The receiving news sources of university’s professors of 5 cities of a country and Tehran

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Trust in the media as a fundamental pillar of attracting and retaining audience is very important.
Audience’s trust in the media is on product news and right information with sources identified، Lack of bias، speed of news، media keeping pace with the technologies of the day and other factors related to the news.
Audience’s tends to be function of the reliability of each sources of the media among the audience.
Media such important arena as discussion of social trust in them seriously discussed and this subject in literature of communication sciences، titled “Source Credibility” and “media credibility” are raised; Because they can’t be durability in the situation with no trust of audience. In this approach، “booderooie” in “theory and the character” especially the subjects of media as the category of “reliance and elit news sources” has the position that is very important.
According to Bourdieu’s belief، cultural and economic capital is the main social features and through it، classification all tastes or as contained audience’s trust in catching the news from news sources affect the “character”. As the results of two scrolling of the universities professors of 5 cities of the country about sources of receiving news in »November 1392 with a sample of 400 people and the results of the “scrolling about the professor’s sources of receiving news” universities in Tehran in February 1392 with a sample of 210 people showed that” 55/7 percent of faculty members are using news city and analyzes of the news of “TV” and 45/2 percent of “websites” 35/6 percent of “press (daily، weekly، etc.)” and “64/2 percent of Tehran university professors، news and analyzes of news about your opinion of “websites”، ۴۰/۷ percent of the “TV”، ۳۵/۸ percent through “word of mouth (friends and individuals، etc.)” and 35/8 percent of “the press (newspapers، weeklies and …)» are receiving.

Keywords: professors of the university, trust, news sources, secondry analysis and character theory and Boordio

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