The purpose of this research is to identify the status of job satisfaction of journalists in national newspapers

  Marziyeh Ehsani – Dr Ali asghar Kiya


The purpose of this research is to identify the status of job satisfaction of journalists in national newspapers (a comparison between 5 government newspapers and 5 non-governmental newspapers). This study was conducted by survey method and distributed questionnaires were distributed among journalists of 10 newspapers in Tehran during the summer of  ۲۰۱۷٫ Considering the fact that the number of people working in the editorial staff was different, with a targeted sampling, about 150 questionnaires were foreseen, but because of existing problems and failure to return the questionnaire, only 100 completed questionnaires were complete. SPSS statistical software was used to analyze the data. The used tests included Pearson correlation and one way ANOVA. In this research, theories of job satisfaction have been taken and the framework of this research is based on Herzberg’s two-factor theory (motivational-health). In this research, nine hypotheses were tested and the following results were obtained. There was a significant relationship between job security, welfare services, newspaper policy, retirement, income level and work relationship with job satisfaction. There was also no significant relationship between education and job satisfaction and there was no significant difference between the satisfaction of government and non-governmental newspapers. The conclusion that can be drawn from this study is that creating an ideal workplace with good income with an appropriate intellectual line would have a better effect on job satisfaction than it would be if the higher education was to be effective. Occupational safety is one of the most important factors for journalists who are not recruited, due to reports that are being published and the seizure of a newspaper that is accompanied by unemployed members of an editorial. It is also important for man to have an income that can be supplied with his living expenses, another important factor in raising job satisfaction.

Key words : job satisfaction, journalists, Herzberg’s two-factor theory (motivational-health), government and nongovernmental newspapers.

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