The influence of the religious leadership on organizational culture

Ali Asghar Montazery


    This paper examines the relationships between organizational culture and religious leadership in organizations. Organizational culture is an important factor affecting the performance of the organization and religious leadership also is a component’s key in organization’s success. Therefore it is important to khnow how the relationship between these two factors affecting the organization’s performance. In this research, three groups of organizational culture including; gregarious, developmental and hierarchical and also two style of leadership means; transformational and leader-follower exchange has been studied.Practical aim and data collection method in this study is descriptive and based on branch correlation. The resultsoftheresearch issurvey – correlation and in fact isbased onstructural equations model. The researchhas alsoshownthat gregarious culture has influence on leader-follower exchange and also developmental culture has positive and significant effect on bothtransformationalleadershipandleader-follower exchange, but hierarchical culture has negative impact onbothleadership style. At the end, based on theaim of this study,conceptualmodel and some practical recommendationsand suggestionsfor future researchispresented.

Keywords: organizational culture, religious leader, transformational leadership, leader-follower exchange.

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