The examination of sale of Intellectual Property and its legal and shariat aspect

Medi Zahedi   Page ۱۲۱


The aim of this article is to examine the legal aspect of the transfer of intellectual property in the context of Article 338 of the Iranian Civil Law in which the concept of ‘sale’ has been defined .In this Article the act of sale has been confined to specified goods whereas todays the sale of copyrights ، patent، goodwill، etc is very common and accordingly we cannot limit the subject matter of transaction to specified goods
The question of permanence the context of sale is another subject which this article will examined. In view of significant of intellectual property and its incremental use by society and the need to shed light on rules governing the transaction such property this article undertakes to study the concept and nature of intellectual property in the Iranian legal system and Imamie jurisprudence and thereupon appraise the legal term sale and its applicability to various branches of intellectual property.

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