The analysis of clear and abstruse goals of social networks

Seyed Vahid Aghili, Ali Jafari   Page ۴۱


Social networks can be considered as new Media which are beyond some sort of website that have made changes in social، cultural، economic and political structures. The Challenges that public networks have dealed with in recent years، affected zones beyond the virtual space. In one side، social networks as one of the kinds of social media have provided outstanding communicative facilities for net users and were effective in increasing the communion of habitants. On the other side، these networks have dealed with widespread harms in zones such as privacy، copy write، virtual addiction، child abusing، information rubbery، and identity. In recent years the access of million users to media all over the world and social networks made these media so popular among modern societies and young people. By true understanding of these media the users can have further effective use of them. These social networks can be estimated from different aspects. In this article we tried to issue briefly subjects about social media by emphasizing on both clear and abstruse goals of social networks and the conclusion is devoted to some issued topics and suggestions.

Keywords: internet, social networks, participation, identity,social movement, collective intellect

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