survey the rate of usage and satisfaction of local press case study: the local press in Boushehr state

Seyed Reza Naghibosadat – Abdorasool Hashemi


Local press are the main factors of regional development and it’s important indicators. This study aims to get recognition about audiences and the amount of their usage and satisfaction and offers solutions  to improve the quality and quantity of local press in Bushehr. The method of this research  is  using the questionnaire survey tool and random sampling method.  The volume of  the sample are ۳۷۹ cases and information has been collected by referring to  press shops  and asking the audiences. Some  research results  indicate  that some groups like men, local inhabitants,  middle-aged, educated and employees, are the main audience of  local  press . Also the main approach in this sort of  press,  is political issues,  news  and events and  other functions of press has been paid  less. Furthermore Including other  weaknesses in this part is nonconformity the technical aspects of  journalism that is needed to be applied . Finally , although, compared with the national press, proximity the events and  having awareness of social and cultural properties are the of strengths points of local press, but this profits are less used by them .

Key words: local press, rate of usage and satisfaction, audience, Boushehr Port

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