Postmodern character in Digital games With emphasis on Gender and Identity components

Mona Asadian – Farzaneh Sharifi – akbar nasrollahi


Character in digital games is the main core promoter of events and challenges in games. The existence of various characters with flexible identities and genders can be effective in selecting and continuing the game. These characters with specific characteristics which are intended in the design of the game, would be able to regenerate theirselves. However, this reconstruction differs from the real world which  the identity and gender elements of the characters portray and change differently in the game world. The differences between the game world and the real world will be effective on the character building, Game analysis and even on the user interaction with the characters. In this paper, the authors try to analyse the characteristics of postmodern identity and gender of the game characters and identify the process of character building with flexibility of character structure in the game.

Key words: character building, digital games, identity, gender, Postmodernity

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