Political System and Media system Interactoin in Islamic Republic if Iran

Mohammad babaei


Increasing the role of media in politics and then in political process in recent decades, may affects not only the nature of the politics but also the kind and the role of the political actors. Interaction between politics and media spacially in Iran  is a main topics that despite its  significance in understanding iran politics, there is a lack of the relevant studies and literature. Elections phenomenon (as part of the political system process) in Iran, is at  our focus for its interaction to media (IRIBNEWS).the main question we are going to answer is: “is there a certain model for explain the relations between Presidential Elections and IRIBNEWS?”. Hence, this paper attempts to answer the question by using documents methods for collecting data and descriptive – analysis approach will be used to analyze them. The Content Production Model(CPM) is the main findings of the paper that we think would be a suitabl way to explain how the Media – Elections mutual mechanism is in Iran.

Key words: political system, the media, Presidential elections, IRIBNEWS, content production model

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