فصلنامه علوم خبري
ISSN 2382-9788
فصلنامه به زبان فارسي – فرانسه
سال ششم، شماره ۲۱، بهار ۱۳۹۶
تاريخ انتشار: ۲۵/۳/۹۶

The role of press icreasing security in multi ethnicity، (Text in Persian)، Mojtaba attarzadeh  page 3  “Abstract”

Representation of the tenth parliamentary elections of Iran in Keyhan, Iran and Shargh Newspapers، (Text in Persian)، Dr- Hassan Majidi – Hadi Alborzi  page 5  “Abstract”

The role of network in declaring social activities social science، (Text in Persian)، Dr-Rahim khastoo – Marziyeh haddadi – Ammar eslamkhah  page 7  “Abstract”

Youth and satellite networks، (Text in Persian)، Yousef Khojir  page 9  “Abstract”

A comparative study and practice of public relations letter Organization of Islamic Azad University of Allameh Tabatabai University، (Text in Persian)، Dr. MohammaReza Rasuli – Dr.AliAsghar Kiya – Hamid Salimi  page 10 “Abstract”