فصلنامه علوم خبري
ISSN 2382-9788
فصلنامه به زبان فارسي – فرانسه
سال پنجم، شماره ۲۰، زمستان ۱۳۹۵
تاريخ انتشار: ۲۳/۱۲/۹۵

Copyright Distinctions in Cyberspace، (Text in Persian)، Mohammad Hadi Mirshamsi – Fatemeh Mehdibarzi  page 3   “Abstract”

Political System and Media system Interactoin in Islamic Republic if Iran، (Text in Persian)، Mohammad Babaei  page 5  “Abstract”

Competent Court to Prosecute to Student Publications Crimes، (Text in Persian)، Qumars Kalantari – Vahid Bazzar  page 6  “Abstract”

The Relationship playing with computer games and adjustment (educational, emotional and social) among adolescents، (Text in Persian)، Rashen Abdollahi – Fatemeh Akhlaghi yazdi nejad  page 7   “Abstract”

The government’s obligations to providing and ensuring right to dignity in the media، (Text in Persian)، Abbas Asadi – Hamed Babazadeh Moghadam – Amir Salmanpoor  page 9  “Abstract” 

Postmodern character in Digital games With emphasis on Gender and Identity components، (Text in Persian)، Mona Asadian – Farzaneh Sharifi  page 10  “Abstract”