فصلنامه علوم خبري
ISSN 2382-9788
فصلنامه به زبان فارسي – فرانسه
سال چهارم، شماره ۲، تابستان ۱۳۹۱
تاريخ انتشار: ۱۶/۶/۹۱

A revision of the western model in journalism: from monopoly to digital democracy ، Dr.Omid Ali Masoudi   Page ۷  “Abstract”

A Comparative Study of news Sources of Tehran’s Morning Highly Circulated Newspapers ، Dr.Mohammad rasuli , Paresa erfane   Pages ۲۵-۴۰  “Abstract”

 A Comparative Study of the Methods for Covering the News Related to Environment Reflected at the Cyber Mainstream and Citizen Media
Sedigheh Babran*, Esmaeil Davoodi   Page ۴۱  “Abstract”

 Study Channel One Role of Islamic Republic Broadcasting of Iran in Improving Pattern of Consumption، Rahman Saeedi , Abbas Assadi , Mehrnaz Mahdipour   Page ۶۱  “Abstract”

The Role of Health-Centered Social Network Sites In Improving Patients Health Knowledge، Farnoush zangouei , Masood Ansari , Mysam samband , Hamid Reza Akbarieh   Page ۱۴۹  “Abstract”