فصلنامه علوم خبري
ISSN 2382-9788
فصلنامه به زبان فارسي – فرانسه
سال پنجم، شماره ۱۹، پاییز۱۳۹۵
تاريخ انتشار: ۲۶/۹/۹۵

Conceptual approach to understanding and exploring the cultural meaning of computer according to Jeffrey Alexander، Badri Borandegi, Ali rabbani  page 5  “Abstract”

The relationship between communication skills and job satisfaction in Technical and Professional Centers in 15 and 16 Region of Tehran، somayeh tajik esmaeili ، Zahra rouhani  page 7  “Abstract”

To study the comprehensive information foraging system of external audiences in Social Security Organization، Shahnaz hashemi، Abdollah Daraei   page 9  “Abstract”

nalyzing in the impact of solidarity and social unity and its relationship strengthen national security and reduce the crime from the perspective of the shiraz citizens (using spearman test)، Abbas Ali rahbar، Malihe zare  page 10  “Abstract”

Survey the relation between  role of IRIB in culture and the development process in Iran، Fateme Hashemzadeh، Narjes Ebadati  page 12  “Abstract”

New media, Electronic surveillance and young people، Omid Ali Masoudi(Ph.D)  page 13  “Abstract”

survey the rate of usage and satisfaction of  local press case study: the local press in Boushehr state، Seyed Reza Naghibosadat، Abdorasool Hashemi  page 14  “Abstract”