فصلنامه علوم خبري
ISSN 2382-9788
فصلنامه به زبان فارسي – فرانسه
سال پنجم، شماره ۱۸، تابستان ۱۳۹۵
تاريخ انتشار: ۱۳/۶/۹۵

The role of telegram’s advertisements (a social network) in ensuring readers to purchase goods، Hadi Khaniki – Ali Asghar Kia – Samad Mir  page 3  “Abstract” 

Survey the amount and aspects of social trust among internet users Somayeh Tajik Esmaeili – Masoud Mahboobi  page 4  “Abstract”

The influence of the religious leadership on organizational culture، Ali Asghar Montazery  page 6  “Abstract”

General analysis of Belarus governmental publications content and it’s literary-art magazines، Noorieh Ghorbani Ebrahimi  page 7  “Abstract” 

Ethics principles regarding the physicians and paramedics’s use of social media (according to medical ethics of BMC)، Hissein  Shahnavazi –  Maryam Foroghi   page 8  “Abstract”

Similarities and differences between judicial decisions and administrative decisions looking at Press Supervisory Board decisions، Abbas Assadi – Allahyari Mohadeseh  page 9  “Abstract”