New media, Electronic surveillance and young people

Omid Ali Masoudi


Iran’s young generation actually entered the “information society” by using  new media such as satellite, mobile phone, internet and also benefit of phenomena such as sms, bluetooth, websites, blogs, webcams, twitter, facebook, etc. In this article, we try to offer some solutions to control and overlook the activities of youth in their leisure in this era. Since the “information society” has formed with new communication and information technologies, the possibility of controlling and monitoring the flow of information is provided by creating a society under surveillance with the same technologies. Electronic surveillance in two ways such as “self- surveillance” which means monitoring by the user him/herself and the families, and “other regulatory” or monitoring youth by other organizations, are two solutions to secure the media for them. Ofcourse it must be combined with teaching to make them protected from threats.

Key words: new media, communication technologies, privacy policy, decentralization, information society, youth, surveillance.

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