nalyzing in the impact of solidarity and social unity and its relationship strengthen national security and reduce the crime from the perspective of the shiraz citizens (using spearman test)

Abbas Ali rahbar – Malihe zare


Order and social security in every society has creation and destroyer causes that on the idea of imam Khomeini (rah) participation of people, justice, the role of law and to be responsible are very important factors in establishing order and security implementation of prevention programs of crime with social and related institutions, such police for increase confidence solidarity and social participation and social prevention of crime is practical-development and its method is survey. And information collected is done by library studies and field observations (questionnaire) and statistical society of this research is all citizens shiraz is based on 1390 census that population was 1/460/665 people that selected by cluster sampling based on Cochran formula obtain A sample of 321 (person). And also the questionnaire was designed in the form of likert that it’s reliability has been confirmed through Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 87% and the data were analyzed by spss software. According to forrest and corner model social cohesion divided on four parameters ctends in social valves, social sense, tendency to social and civil participation there is the significant correlation between reducing crime and strengthening national security and unity social cohesion of respondents. In this study, the independent variable (social cohesion and unity) that it’s affects on dependent variable (strengthening of security and the crime reduction) and finally to analyze the findings and hypothesis testing to determine the relationship between independent and dependent variables is used of bivariate statistical test. The finding showed a significant relationship between increase social cohesion and unity and strengthen national security and reduce crime is in the shiraz city.



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