Media and Politics; Functions and Impacts of Mobile phone in Political arena (With Emphasize on Text Messages)

Alireza kalantar


There is no area of human life that is not under the influence technology, particularly more common forms as the Internet and mobile phones. All levels of human life from the most private and personal ones to most of the major socio-political fields (with different degrees) are affected by these new forms of media technologies. In this connection, the mobile phone is the most comprehensive media and has great potentials in the development and solidification of the public sphere. Increasing the flow of information through mobile phones with increasing amount of data available, has reduced the role of the wardens and developed   social or public sphere. In the world politics also mobile phones have various functions such as SMS, and has had  great impacts on politics as a tool for flow of information and advertising.

In this paper we will examine the functions and impacts of mobile phones, specially text messages, in social and political life of today’s. It seems that mobile phones as a means of public, affordable, accessible tool to everyone has able to position itself as an instrument of social media and politicians and political activists are aware of the importance of it and try to take the most advantage of it. This study has been conducted through analytical-statistical method by using library and the Internet resources.

Key words: Mobile phone, Mass Media, Social and Political Functions, Text Messages, Communications

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