Idea and Its Protection in Intellectual Property Law

Mohammed Hadi mirshamsi   Page ۸۱


A mere idea is neither protected by the industrial property nor by the literary and artistic property system. An idea is just protected under some conditions after being disclosed or stated as an invention or industrial design according to industrial property rights، or as an artistic or literary work if it is genuine and in conformity with literary and artistic rights. Regardless of intellectual property rights، idea is protected according to regulations like unfaircompetition law، but it is not sufficient. So to enhance the related protection especially where the role of idea in creating intellectual creation and inspiring creative power of the creator is highly influential، considering some precautions are necessary. Knowing the necessity of requirements including novelty، coherence and confidentiality for protecting and idea، the US courts supported idea owners by presenting theories (doctrines) of ownership، unjust enrichment، explicit contract، implied contract and confidential relations.

Keywords: idea, intellectual property rights, novelty, coherence,confidentiality, theory of property, theory of unjust enrichment

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