General analysis of Belarus governmental publications content and it’s literary-art magazines

Noorieh Ghorbani Ebrahimi


Undoubtedly, following press and media of a country is one of the ways to know that country, it’s government and people for interacting with them. Reviewing the press of a society as a major pillar of it’s public media, helps us understand its culture, traditions, and rules more better. Study of viewpoints, production models, news selections, and expressions in public media including magazines and newspapers, can reveal the value of sensitivity on different subjects in each society. The contents of the media not only show the characteristics of a society, but also reflect the historical, cultural, and political changes of that society. For example, the amount of attention, process and use of old or contemporary literature in literary-artistic productions, represents the way of thinking and the preferences of journalists and producers in a society. This study with general review of magazines in Republic of Belarus, a country that has always developed its political, scientific, economic, and social relationship with our precious country Iran after islamic revolution, attempts to describe not only the media atmosphere in Republic of Belarus, but also the quality and the quantity of journalism in this country as well as the analysis of its contents.

Key words: The press in Republic of  Belarus, journalism, literary-artistic magazines, writers, audience.

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