Evaluation of emissions free access to information and its impact on the legal system of the press

Zahra Haji   Page ۱۳۹


The right to know is one of the citizenship rights which has extensive aspects. On the other hand right of access to information (the right to seek) can be considered as one of the necessary elements of freedom of speech. On the other hand democracy without ensuring right to information cannot provide a desirable future. The right to know has two expanded and restricted concepts. Freedom to seek information is considered under category of the restricted concept and right of access to information is considered under category of the expanded concept.  Today، because of various reasons including fighting against corruption، increased participation of citizens، improved quality of public service and improved quality of life due to public awareness of practical information، right of access to (governmental) information has become of great importance in such a way that developed countries have moved towards freedom of information since 1980s and developing countries also have taken measures to adopt rules and regulations associated with freedom of information since first decade of 21th century. Also in our country، Iran، freedom of information has been raised since a few years ago and resulted in adoption of Freedom of Publication of and Access to information Act 2009. With respect to issues raised in this act based on right of access to information which is a concept in the field of right to information and with respect to the fact that the press are active agents in informational areas، effect of adoption of above-said act on the national press system cannot be overlooked. In present research we seek to study this

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