Etemad-ol-Saltane: Journalist with Seven Newspapers in Qajar Era

Ali Najafi – Asieh Zabihnia Emran – Narjes Banou Sabouri


Muḥammad Ḥasan Khān Etemad-ol-Saltane (1880-1934) is one of the Intellectuals, Politicians, and historians of Naseri Era. His life and character is prominent in many aspects that made him distinguished among the Qajar’s thinkers particularly because he was a journalist. H was one of the industrious journalist and historian of all era in Iran. He was also the first Iranian journalist who had English Mastery. In Qajar period, any plain writings, verbiages, citations and any fine and appalling figures of speech found no place. Literature was not just for a specific group of a society such as Emir, Rulers, and the like; on the contrary, it involves all the community.In recent years of his life, Etemad-ol-Saltane recorded his everyday events as well asQajar courtiers’. In so doing, he compiled the book of “Roznameh Khateraat” that is known the most important resource of Iranian History in Mid_Qajar era. The book of Roznameh Khaterat composed of the daily notes of Etemad-ol-Saltane including 15 years of his life events covers a history chapter of Iran in Qajar era in terms of content. The nostalgic feeling and the sense of woe is prevalent in all parts of the book. The researcher seeks to discover the reasons why this historical backdrop occurred.

Key words:RoznamehKhaterat, Etemad-ol-Saltane, Content, Writing Style .

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