Electronic education; advantages and challenges

Aghil Moteghadem   Page ۱۱۳


Electronic education is a term that is used for web-based distance education and non-face interaction. This type of training is an integral part of internet and traditional education with increasing rate of applicants for training and easier access to the internet and other communication technologies than in the past، electronic education is expanding in our society day by day. This article has a qualitative evaluation of the advantages، challenges and necessity of virtual education in Iran. According to the done research in this field، if the circumstance provide a legal، technological، cultural and other necessary conditions together، virtual education can sometimes be an alternative to traditional education. It seems that one of the preconditions for success and achieving to higher efficiency in electronic education with the realization of other important factors، be poll and the use of trained people comment in these courses .

Keywords: electronic education, new information and communication technologies, internet, virtual university

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