Developing Favorite Strategies in news coverage Management for Nuclear Crisis for IRIB TV (According to the scenario, the continuation of sanctions)

Ahmad Aminfard   Page ۳۵


The main aim of the research is to achieve the most approving news coverage management TV strategies in nuke crisis by IRIB with emphasis on nuclear crisis in political subsystems، from an international aspect and in pre-crisis level. According to the assessment of internal and external conditions and among three possible scenarios، the scenario for a continuation of sanctions (war، peace and the continuation of sanctions ) was chosen for the study. These strategies allow the IRIB، based on the theory of Smart power، prevent the Iranian nuclear program being critical in the future and increase Islamic Republic of Iran’s soft power. This research using the Delphi method and utilizes a three-step model program – Strategic David. Therefore، to achieve the research objectives، the experts’ viewpoints (IRIB and the State Department senior managers، teachers and Elites of political science، international relations، communication and media management) were used. Therefore، the mission and vision of the IRIB were determined at first and then، after the evaluation of internal and external factors IRIB TV، the long term goals and finally favorable strategies were identified and prioritized. The results of this study show that the strengths of TV are more than weaknesses of TV and the threats of TV are more than opportunities of it. Thus، the competitive strategies are the most appropriate strategies for managing news coverage strategies for considering nuclear crisis on TV. Finally، competitive revised strategies were prioritized for TV.

Keywords: Strategy, Crisis news coverage management, Nuclear energy Crisis, Smart Power, IRIB TV

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