Conceptual approach to understanding and exploring the cultural meaning of computer according to Jeffrey Alexander

Badri Borandeg – Ali rabbani


Human phenomena are significant and all The impacts of humans, can carry meaning. These meanings are cultural structures. Understanding of these meanings is the task of cultural sociology. The main question in this paper is what is cultural meaning of computer – As one of the newest and most powerful technological inventions of the modern age – from the perspective of Jeffrey Alexander? This study seeks to determine the cultural meaning of computer with knowledge and method of cultural sociology; also we try to achieve symbols, codes and narratives about computer according to Alexander. According to Alexander, computers were recognized as good symbol since it’s entry into the west public arena and were presented by narratives such as salvation narrative, eschatological narrative and apocalyptic narrative. But gradually, the good times ended and the dark side of the computer crash on human and romantic story with computer showed it’s pathological aspects. Gradually the cultural meaning of computer was going to be different in social life in the West andeven were coded as an aspect of evil. Population gradually saw the computers as unholy ruin. Computers became the Frankenstein monster in the West.

Keywords: Computer, Cultural Sociology, Jeffrey Alexander, structural hermeneutics

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