Competent Court to Prosecute to Student Publications Crimes

Qumars Kalantari – Vahid Bazzar


Student publications are publications that Managed by students. Because of the social prestige, Society easily accepts this educated people and his statements that generally working unpaid and interest in this publications ,and influence of this publications will was more than public press. However in contrast, activity Scope of student publications encompasses limited group of people. According to principle 168 of constitution, prosecuting to press crimes Should be held in public hearing and with a jury ,and in the Penal Court too, According to the code of Public and Revolutionary tribunals. but, the Legislator prescribed on student publications particular legal system aside from the public press which in addition to the distinction in most respects, contribute authorities and other officials in prosecuting of violations of these publications without requirement to a jury and public hearing

Key words: Student publications, Competent court, Quasi- judicial administrative authority, Supervisory committee, Conflicts of competence

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