Comparative Comparison of Yellow Journalism and Virtual Social Networks

Fatemeh Karimvand


The concept of “yellow journalism”, from it’s very origination has embedded different significations. Although, at the early stages, it contained economic signification due to the type of content and the problems it raised , later on Yellow Journalism involved politics as well. Hence, critical theorists maintained the contents that these newspapers produce, would bamboozle people and distract them away from key political issues. Later on, during 1990s, it’s signification expanded into moral issues and passed judgment on ethical problems. But it was not until late 2000s that cultural studies presented a different look at this style of journalism. From this viewpoint, yellow press could sometimes get tied to individual daily lives more effectively and cover issues that legitimate journalism could not address. Thus, in the present article, we aim to assess “Khanevadeh-e-Sabz Journal” and, hence examine critical views on yellow press and review this type of journalism in terms of cultural studies. We have also tried to establish a close relationship between yellow journalism and social media by addressing the position this kind of media are place in. Furthermore, we demonstrate how “communication itself” has outperformed shared content in these media

    .Keywords: Yellow Journalism, Cultural Studies, Virtual Social Media, Khanevadeh-e-Sabz Journal

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