A Study on Imam Khomeini’s Political Life in the TV Documentary “Shakhes”

Mohammad Gholi Minavand, Mohammad Kohansal   Page ۵۷


The principle goal of this article is to understand and explain the representation of Imam Khomeini’s political approach in TV documentary، “Shakhes”. The basic question is which signs are used to represent Imam Khomeini’s political approach? To achieve this goal، first، we examined the concept and theory of representation and meaning as the theoretical framework of study. Then we state the concept of approach at the first years of Islam. After that we defined theoretical concepts، such as “approach”، “political approach” and “sign”. In research methodology we used narrative pattern of Roland Barthes. We derived necessary categories for studying selective scenes and answering research questions through Barthes’ pattern. It shows that the political approach of Imam at internal concerns contains these: “to rely on people vote، to provide people union، non-aristocratic government، a sense of responsibility before the interests of nation، public endeavor for the country’s progress، the necessity of enforcement of law;” and at international concerns: “to resist aggressive policy، brotherhood with Muslim nations، protection of independency، to relate to all of countries except enemies، to fight against Zionism and try to release the Palestine، to help the oppressed all over the world and to resist the cruel.”

Keywords: TV documentary, “Shakhes”, Imam Khomeini, approach, Semiotics

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